Taking Care Of Your Child’s Teeth

Keeping children healthy while they develop is the concern of any parent, and naturally keeping a child’s teeth in good condition is important. Kids are just as self-conscious about their smile as they are with body image, and it’s key to ingrain good habits early. That means less trips to the dentist.

Buy child-friendly dental products

Dental brands have a whole range of products geared towards children from a toddler age. Fluoride toothpaste is gentle on a child’s sensitive mouth, unlike the harsh minty varieties adults use.

Dental care also targets children in the way of decorating the tools needed for healthy oral care. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss cases are plastered with characters from popular TV shows and movies. Colour schemes that appeal to boys and girls fill the supermarket shelves, such as pink for girls and blue for boys.

Pack low-sugar meals

Sugar is bad for everyone but if a child has a sweet tooth this can be a particular problem. Many health outlets advise avoiding juices to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity, yet this is just as important for a child’s oral care.

Sugar erodes the enamel on the teeth, which doesn’t come back naturally. Healthy snack options include cheeses and yogurt as well as the important whole fruits and vegetables.

Get a mouthguard

When kids play contact sports like football and hockey there’s a chance of injury. Mouth injuries are painful and if a tooth is knocked out, it means having to wait around for a new one to grow.

Going to the dentist and getting a mouthguard fitted is any easy process. Though whether this is covered by private health depends on a family’s provider.

Meet your dentist

Children should already be seeing a dentist before they even go to school. Regular check-ups give kids a better chance of avoiding cavities and tooth decay. Going to the dentist means stopping the problems before they start.

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