Dentures are a method of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth with an acrylic and/or metal appliance customised to fit a patient’s mouth.

As methods of manufacturing and materials have improved over the years, dentures are now very natural looking and aesthtically pleasing. However, there are more aesthetic options available that you should be aware of; saving a natural tooth with Root Therapy and a Crown, a bridge or an implant.

Satisfaction of dentures will vary among patients, and it must be understood that a new denture may require several adjustments before it is as comfortable and functional as possible.

Over time, dentures may become loose as the gum and bone shrink following extraction of a tooth, and every few years it may be necessary to have the denture relined to ensure a better fit.

Most people who have complete dentures (that is, all teeth are missing) need to use some sort of denture adhesive/glue to improve retention.

Dentures should be taken out every night. Food and plaque will accumulate on the denture and on any teeth the denture fits around. This food and plaque can cause decay and gum disease, and so it is important that a high standard of Oral Hygiene is maintained. False teeth require meticulous hygiene too!

Warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush is the best cleaning method for dentures. Placing them in a clean glass of water when they are not in the mouth (i.e. overnight) will ensure they do not dry out and become brittle. An anti-staining tablet (i.e. Steradent) can be used weekly to remove staining and keep the dentures looking new. It is not advisable to clean dentures with toothpaste as the polishing particles etch the acrylic surface and remove the once lustrous finish.

Dentures are made mostly or completely of acrylic resin and to ensure a comfortable fit with minimal bulk, the functionality of dentures is much less than natural teeth. Hard foods should be avoided as well as placing undue stress on a denture by using them to open plastic bags or bite into an apple. It is adviseable to place less pressure on a denture than you would a natural tooth.

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