Tooth Removal

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A Tooth Extraction is the removal of the tooth. A tooth may need to be removed for different reasons:

  • Broken tooth which cannot be repaired.
  • Severely damaged tooth due to decay.
  • Severely damaged tooth due to trauma.
  • Severely infected tooth where the nerve inside the tooth and tissues outside are damaged.
  • Severe gum disease that has made the tooth very loose.
  • To create more room in the mouth for straightening other teeth (orthodontic extractions)

Does tooth removal hurts?

Removal of a tooth can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be painful. We discuss the procedure of tooth extraction with you at the consultation appointment so that you are aware of what to expect in terms of the length of the appointment, cost of the procedure, expected outcomes and risks and complications involved. We make sure that the tooth and the tissues around the tooth are completely numb (anaesthetized) so that the entire procedure is painless.  We provide thorough verbal and written aftercare instructions so that you can manage any post operative discomfort easily at home. We extend our care by following up with a phone call next day to ensure that you are not experiencing any post operative complications. This is followed by a complimentary review one week later where the dentist will check the site from where the tooth was removed to ensure that wound is healing infection free.

What can I expect at my tooth removal appointment?

Consultation & Consent – The Dentist will examine your tooth clinically and radiographically to assess the existing condition of the tooth, why it needs to be removed, risks and complications involved, type of the tooth removal (general or surgical), length of the appointment, cost involved. The Dentist will then discuss all the above factors with you and finalise the verbal and written consent to proceed with the removal of the tooth.

Local Anaesthetic Numbing – The Dentist will then anaesthetize or numb the tooth and the gums around it so that you are pain-free through out the procedure.

Removal of the tooth – The Dentist will then carefully remove your tooth and ensure that the bleeding has been controlled. This may need gentle pressure on the wound with the help of the sterile gauze or use of a haemostatic agent to stop the bleeding or stitched if necessary.

Post Care Instructions – You will be provided with verbal and written after care instructions. If needed, a pain killer prescription will be provided to help you manage any post operative pain at home.

Review – We offer complimentary review appointment where the Dentist will check the tooth removal site or wound to ensure that proper healing is taking place and there is no risk of any infection or complication.

How much will a tooth removal cost?

An estimate of cost associated with tooth removal will be provided to you at the time of consultation. Please note that this is an estimate only and can change depending on the difficulty of the procedure, technique requirements, extent of the treatment. In case of complications requiring a referral to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (at additional expense to you) or hospitalisation, you may have other relevant costs following your extraction procedure.

Will I be awake for tooth removal?

Majority of the patients can have their tooth removed in the dental chair under local anaesthetic (fully awake). We do offer Laughing Gas sedation for anxious patients. We are committed to provide the best dental services to our patients. If after your consultation, the Dentist recognises the complexities or difficulties associated with the procedure that might require a referral to the Oral Surgeon, we will arrange the referral to the Oral Surgeon for you then.

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