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One of the most frequently performed restorative treatment is a dental filling. White fillings or cosmetic dental fillings are so popular because the treatment is affordable, versatile, and highly effective at restoring teeth following cavity removal. White fillings or tooth-coloured fillings are natural looking fillings that blend in seamlessly with the natural colour and appearance of the tooth so well that even the patient is unable to tell where the filling exists in their tooth.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are a means to restore broken, chipped, or decaying teeth. A pliable filling material is used to fill part of the tooth that has lost natural tooth structure due to either tooth decay or tooth wear or chipping of the tooth. With the help of fillings, you can enjoy restored oral health, and reduce your risk of future dental problems.  White fillings are a minimally invasive restorative treatment which means they do not require too much cutting of the tooth to be able to restore it. White fillings are very affordable; however, they don’t last forever.

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What Are White Fillings Used For?

White fillings can be used to restore:-

  • Broken teeth.
  • Worn teeth.
  • Decaying teeth.
  • Modify the shape of the tooth.
  • Improve the aesthetic of the tooth.
  • Replace unsatisfactory silver fillings.

Why should I consider White Fillings for my teeth?

 Composite resins first came into use in the 1960s and became very popular very quickly. Let us look at the advantages of white fillings:-

  • White fillings offer superior cosmetic results.  White fillings can be shade matched to blend in with the colour of the surrounding tooth structure. They can be polished well to match the natural lustre of teeth.
  • Because they bond to your natural tooth, they do not require unnecessary cutting of the tooth.
  • With proper maintenance, they can last for a few to several years.
  • Unlike amalgam or silver fillings, White fillings do not require use of mercury. Therefore, there is no metallic taste in your mouth afterwards.

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What is involved in getting a White Filling?

Consultation Appointment – At this appointment, the dentist will examine your teeth, address your concerns, create a customised treatment plan for you. The dentist will then discuss the treatment plan with you including the cost of the white fillings, length of the appointment, numbers of the appointment needed to restore your teeth and will answer any questions that you may have about your treatment plan. If any radiographs or photographs are needed, it will be taken at this appointment.

White Filling Appointment – This is a short and comfortable appointment. The dentist will do a colour match for your white filling so that it matched your natural tooth colour and blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth. The dentist will then anaesthetize the area of your mouth and the tooth which needs to be restored. The tooth is then prepared to receive a restoration. After prepping, the tooth surface is cleaned, and a special bonding agent is used to bond the white filling to your tooth. Once the white filling is placed and shaped, a special blue light will be used to quickly harden the filling. The dentist will then check your bite to ensure that the white filling does not interfere with your bite. Any minor adjustments can be made at that time. There is no recovery time associated with white fillings which means you can eat as soon as the numbing wears off.

Maintenance Appointment – With proper maintenance, white fillings can last from a few to several years. We recommend regular 6 monthly dental check ups and clean to maintain healthy teeth and gums. During your regular dental check-up appointment, the dentist will check your white fillings to look for any signs of wear or any recurrent decay. If your fillings need to be replaced, this simple procedure can be completed either during that visit or a follow up appointment.

Caring for your white fillings at home is easy. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Cut back on sugary drinks or food. Reduce your intake of hard food items like popcorn seeds, nuts, candies, lollies as they can chip or prematurely wear your white fillings. Getting regular dental check ups and clean every 6 months at our practice can extend the life of your fillings.

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White fillings are an affordable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing dental treatment that can restore strength and structure to your tooth following injury or cavity treatment. At Tooth Smart Dental, we use white fillings because they are safe, beautiful, and durable.

If you are interested in replacing unsightly silver amalgam fillings with this cosmetically pleasing alternative, please contact our office on 07 3399 6228 or book online. White fillings have been the material of choice for tooth fillings for more than two decades, and advances in materials and techniques mean that our white fillings are even more natural looking, more polished, and have an improved combination of strength, finish and longevity than ever before.

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