Occlusal Splints And Nightguards

What Is A Night Guard?

A Night Guard is a custom fitted protective cover for your teeth. It is also known as an Occlusal Splint. It is worn to protect the teeth from any damage due to teeth grinding (Bruxism) or teeth clenching. It is recommended to wear them at night to protect teeth from these conditions during sleep.

Why would I need a Night Guard or an Occlusal Splint?

Night Guards are made to provide protection to the teeth from the effects of teeth grinding or Bruxism. Bruxism or teeth grinding can cause damage to the teeth, mouth muscles and jaw because of the excessive grinding of the teeth and/or jaw clenching.
Therefore, it is recommended to wear a Night Guard to offer protection to the teeth and jaw muscles. If your dentist has advised to wear a Night Guard or an Occlusal Splint, please get a custom fitted one and wear it every night or daytime if you are clenching your teeth during day.

How can I tell if I am grinding or clenching my teeth?

If a person is grinding or clenching their teeth, this can present itself in the form of following symptoms:

  • Clicking sound on opening the jaw or yawning
  • Sore jaw or jaw muscles
  • Pain in the ear or near the jaw joint or headache
  • Pain in the tooth
  • Visible cracks in the teeth
  • Shortening of the teeth or a flattened smile line
  • Difficulty in chewing food or sensitivity in teeth
  • Frequent chipping or cracks in the fillings or teeth

However, if you are unsure, then please visit your dentist for an examination to get everything checked and assessed. If your dentist confirms that there is damage to the teeth or the jaw or the jaw joint because of the grinding or clenching, then you should consider wearing a Nightguard or an Occlusal Splint to protect your teeth and jaw joint.

What is involved in getting a Nightguard or an Occlusal Splint made?

At your Nightguard Consultation appointment, the dentist will do an examination of your teeth, jaw, and jaw joint to assess your condition and customise a treatment plan for you. The dentist will then take impressions of your teeth and your bite to custom make your Nightguard. It can take up to a week to custom make your Nightguard. At your Nightguard insert appointment, the dentist will fit the Nightguard to make sure it fits well, and you will receive clear written and verbal instructions on how to use your Nightguard and how to look after it.

How much will a Nightguard cost?

A Nightguard consultation appointment will cost you $66.0 After assessing your condition, we can give you a customised treatment plan that will include the estimated cost of the Nightguard as well.

Is a sports Mouthguard same as a Nightguard?

A sports Mouthguard may look like a Nightguard, but it serves a completely different purpose than a Nightguard. Sports Mouthguard are designed to protect your teeth from blunt force trauma from the physical impact during sporting activities, where as a Nightguard is designed to protect your teeth and jaw from the grinding or clenching movement.

So, if you are aware that you might be grinding or clenching your teeth or if you have any of the symptoms of grinding or clenching your teeth, call us today to book a Nightguard Consultation appointment.

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