Teeth Whitening Brisbane

Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile with comfortable, safe, and effective ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane.

ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane is a gentle yet effective way of whitening your teeth. It is a cosmetic dental treatment that helps to improve the colour of your teeth, add the brilliance to your smile and make your smile whiter and brighter.

What is ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane Treatment?

ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening uses a high strength tooth whitening gel with an advanced blue LED light system. The LED light accelerates whitening results dramatically in minimal time. In 90 minutes, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter, reversing stains from food and drinks, ageing, even discolouration from some types of medication. At the end of your appointment, you will have a whiter, brighter, and more confident Smile.

Why should I get ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane?

  • Gentle yet effective teeth whitening treatment.
  • Safe and comfortable teeth whitening treatment.
  • Instant whiter, brighter smile.
  • Can result in up to 8 shades whiter teeth.
  • Perfect for special occasions or events like a wedding or engagement.
  • Gives better results than at home teeth whitening.
  • Improve the appearance of discoloured or stained teeth in one appointment.

How does ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane differs from At Home Teeth Whitening?

Type of Teeth WhiteningIn Chair Professional Teeth Whitening
At Home Teeth Whitening
How long it takes?One appointment for 90 minutesDaily for 30 min for 1-2 weeks
How much it costs?$549 only$330 only
Are the results good?++++++
Will I need to redo it?We recommend at home maintenance kit.May need to repeat every 6-12 months depending upon your intake of tea, coffee, or coloured food.
Will I need a consultation first?Yes, we offer Free consultation appointment!No, we can book you in now.

How does Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane differs from over-the-counter teeth whitening products?

In Australia, Dentists are the only qualified professionals that can assess your teeth to determine if your teeth are suitable for Professional Teeth Whitening. Dentists are licensed to use higher strength of teeth whitening gels. Many of the over-the-counter products are not regulated and are being offered by untrained and unexperienced operators because of which you can end up with teeth or gum damage. If you care about your dental health and are serious about getting a whiter smile, we recommend discussing this with the dentist to find out which whitening system works best for you.

Why do I need a Consultation before my ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

 If you are serious about getting a Whiter, Brighter Smile, we recommend seeking the opinion and advice of a Dentist before you take any action to whiten your teeth.

We offer Free ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Consultations. In this consultation appointment, the dentist will assess your teeth, determine your existing tooth colour, discuss the teeth whitening treatment, discuss any potential side effects or risks involved, discuss benefits of the teeth whitening treatment and will advise which teeth whitening system will be best suited to your personal situation. We also use this appointment to analyse your general oral health to ensure that teeth whitening treatment is safe for you. Call our friendly team today to book your Free Professional Teeth Whitening Consultation and ZOOM your way into a beautiful, confident, whiter, and brighter smile!


Why choose us for your Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane Treatment?

  • Wonderful Patient Experience, check out our reviews, see for yourself what our patients have to say about us.
  • Free teeth whitening consultation appointment.
  • Experienced Dentist with a gentle touch.
  • Comfortable Experience, trustworthy treatment process and long-lasting results.
  • Patient focused dentistry.
  • Use of high-quality teeth whitening materials, latest technology, and strict infection control procedures.
  • In house teeth whitening trays made with Australian Standard Products.

We strive to provide the very best Dental Experience. We make sure your appointments are pleasant and comfortable. Starting from the consultation appointment, you will feel well informed, and confident about your treatment. We offer convenience of online booking so you can book your appointment from the comfort of your home at a time of your choosing, or you can call us on 07 3399 6228 and our friendly Reception Team will help you to reserve an appointment time that suits you. We are located just 8 kms from CBD, near Cannon Hill train station. We offer secure car parking for our patient’s convenience. We are wheelchair friendly. We would love to look after your dental needs.

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