The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Dental care doesn’t come cheap no matter the age. Children loose teeth frequently as they grow and trips to the dentist are common between the toddler and teenage years. The sting of the costs can be lessened, thanks to comprehensive insurance or a government initiative called the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

What is it?

The Benefits Schedule is an initiative under the Department of Human Services. Partnered with Medicare and Centrelink, it’s geared towards helping with the cost of raising children through subsidising dental care.

How much is it?

When the schedule was first organised, it was capped at $1000 per over a two-year period. However, beginning in 2017 the benefit lowered to $700. This is probably due to under promotion. Only 30% of children who were eligible actually claimed benefits in the 2015-16 period and this almost saw the program axed (Sydney Morning Herald, 2016).

Can I claim it?

It depends on your case. The Benefits Schedule was created with Centrelink to help families on the dole raise their children. Some certain criteria have to be filled, including:

  1. The child must be between 2-17 years old
  2. The family receives benefits from Centrelink

It’s easy to check eligibility online through MyGov, which is linked to Medicare. Letters are sent to families able to claim, notifying that they can claim services. Before taking the leap, the family must notify the dentist of intent to claim.

What can I claim?

A range of treatments is covered under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. The cover includes:

  1. X-Rays
  2. Root Canal Treatment
  3. Fillings
  4. General check ups
  5. Tooth extraction

CDBS Criteria, Department of Human Services

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule isn’t a golden ticket to free care. It’s designed to help families on benefits that little bit extra with the cost of raising a child. $700 worth of care is designated for children between 2-17. Thanks to Medicare and Centrelink, keeping children healthy is a little bit easier.

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